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An emerging merger for VirtuallyAllSorts and MummyBearsBlog!

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An emerging merger for VirtuallyAllSorts and MummyBearsBlog is well and truly under way!  Yes, MummyBearsBlog is merging over to VirtuallyAllSorts, my other website blog.


So why do this?  Am I deserting MummyBearsBlog?  Am I giving up the parenting blogging side of life?


No, I’m not giving up sharing the goings-on of the three bears.  No, I’m not deserting MummyBearsBlog, not in essence.  I will be writing parenting posts regularly over at VirtuallyAllSorts.  I could never truly give up parenting blogging.  I would never want to.


So you’re probably still asking the why…


Put simply, it’s a matter of focussing on writing and all that it entails for me.  I have exciting plans for VirtuallyAllSorts and it feels like totally the right thing to do in my gut.


At this point may I say a massive ‘thank you’ for following me, for subscribing, for every comment, like, share (across all the social media platforms).  It means more than I can actually put into words.  I’ve watched MummyBear grow and grow, just like our little bear is now growing before our very eyes!…  and now it’s time to merge with VirtuallyAllSorts.  I really do sincerely thank you for following along over here and would be absolutely delighted to see you over at VirtuallyAllSorts for more fun 🙂



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