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Why homework has made me one proud Mummy Bear!

on November 20, 2014

Well, it’s been a while since I blogged and that’s because of the 3 bears succumbing to the nastiest lurgy that we’ve had in ages.  It looks like we’ve turned a corner and are now on the road to recovery…  so on with my week.  Last week to be precise!  I had every intention of posting last week but the sentiment still stands so here goes!

I’ve blogged before about why I get excited about our little bear’s homework and it is SUCH an exciting time for me to be getting involved with our little bear’s homework and thinking outside the box.  I’ve been grabbing it with enthusiasm and gusto!  Reception at our little bear’s school is learning about The Three Little Pigs and the children (and parents!) are being encouraged to do something pig-related for homework.  It’s always with much excitement that I delve into ‘the book bag’ every day after school.  First, I take out the ‘Communication Book’ which is a fantastic little book, particularly as I don’t always pick our bear up from school in the afternoon.  Then I rummage through the various pieces of scrap colourful paper that our bear and friends have so diligently put into each others’ book bags through the course of the day!  As I rummage, I find her Reading Record Book and the actual book to be read.  And if the homework book is in there, I have a flick through that too.

Faced with doing something ‘Three Little Pigs’ related, our little bear’s creative head went into overdrive.  I asked our little bear what she would like to do for her homework and she immediately went to the stash of packaging that I have very cleverly been keeping, dragged it all out like a game of jenga (she takes after her Dad – always takes the one from the middle, never from the top…!)  Next she told me she wanted to make 3 houses – straw, sticks and brick.  That done, we made some ‘bodies’ with lollysticks that we’ve been keeping to one side.  And hey presto, we had 3 little pigs (4 including Mummy Pig!) and the Big Bad Wolf!  We had oh so much fun completing it and took it into school on the Monday morning for her teacher.  As I handed her teacher the bag with the models inside, I felt an overwhelming rush of pride that I had taken the time to do this with our little bear.

That done, I thought very little of it and just got on with my day.  When I picked her up, she told me that her teacher said she had done ‘good work’.  Another rush of pride….  But when I picked her up later that same week, she showed me with pride her sticker which read ‘Principal’s Award’.  Then she told me that her teacher had taken her to see the Headteacher for ‘good work’ with her Three Little Pigs house models!  Given the lurgy that’s been lingering and staying well past its sell-by-date, I wasn’t feeling on top form… until our little bear told me this wonderful news and showed me her sticker.  Suddenly, nothing else mattered, my hacking cough and wheezing didn’t matter, only my heart swelling and very nearly bursting with pride mattered.

Proud?  Just a bit!

Not surprisingly then, my #WordoftheWeek is ‘Pride’…

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16 responses to “Why homework has made me one proud Mummy Bear!

  1. Judith says:

    Awww…this is so adorable! What great medicine, to have her project get such wonderful praise. Hope your whole family is feeling much better!

  2. Ah, this is so lovely (illness news aside, of course!). So pleased that Little Bear’s doing so well, and you’re absolutely right to be proud. It does put a smile on your face to see your kids doing well, and you need it all the more when you’re not feeling on top form. Well done Little Bear! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. Mummy Tries says:

    Well done to your little bear Carol, no wonder you’re bursting with pride! Glad you are all on the mend now 🙂 #WotW

  4. You should proud, sounds like she’s doing brilliantly! How fab to get a special mention from the Headteacher x #WotW

  5. Debbie says:

    Sorry to hear your little ones have been poorly, but lovely to hear about the pride you felt in your daughter- it sounds like a fab craft activity!

  6. That’s such a good news to hear! Congratulations on your daughter with her good work award! =) #wotw

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