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Taking a look back on the HELLP syndrome journey…

on October 22, 2014
Hellp syndrome awareness calendars blog

HELLP save a life by raising awareness of HELLP syndrome with a 2015 calendar…


This year I thought I’d got away with it.


This year I was feeling absolutely fine.


This year I felt  normal… but then the memories came flooding back (albeit some of them very hazy).


This blog post was going to focus on how I hadn’t shed a tear and hadn’t felt the need to.


Memories are powerful though and my memories are too strong.  The trauma is still there.  It is getting easier.  It really is but at this time of the year, as well as celebrating and being forever grateful, I find myself needing a little bit of ‘wallow’ time.


My emotions need to come out.


5 years ago as we came to the end of the third trimester, I thought we were coming to the end of our complicated pregnancy journey but really, it was about to get a whole lot more complicated due to pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome.  Frankly, I was lucky to come out alive.  Yes, I had sky high blood pressure and mild jaundice.  Yes, my liver was frighteningly close to shutting down.  But I survived…


We are forever grateful that our little bear also came out of it with mild jaundice and no other issues.  Forever grateful.


We are lucky to be here 5 years later as a family.  A while ago I took part in a blog linky where ‘The Prompt’ was ‘anger’.  I wrote about why I’m tired of pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome and “Why I’m putting my anger to bed.”  My blog post focused on turning away from the trauma but in it, I promised that I would continue to raise awareness of both conditions.


Along with personally marking the scariest time of our lives, I wrote this blog post to raise awareness of the HELLP syndrome awareness 2015 charity calendar produced by Kelly Lewis (founder of hellp syndrome angels on facebook).   All sales are being split between Tommy,s and Action on Pre-Eclampsia.  You can read more about the calendar here.  Kelly is also a survivor but tragically her and her husband David’s baby girl Ellissia wasn’t so lucky.  They have a gorgeous rainbow baby who can be seen below with Kelly, holding up ‘March’ which is the month Ellissia went to the angels.

Hellp syndrome awareness calendar 2015 with Kelly Lewis and  Jake (her gorgeous rainbow baby) blog

HELLP syndrome awareness calendar 2015 with Kelly Lewis and Jake (her gorgeous rainbow baby)


click here for more information on the calendar

HELLP has a far-reaching effect but sadly not many who are not affected know about the condition.  Not even the medical professionals.  You can change that by buying the calendar and ‘hellping’ to raise awareness.

HELLP to save a life today…


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2 responses to “Taking a look back on the HELLP syndrome journey…

  1. So sorry for your difficult journey glad you are on the other side of that. I love the photo. it’s great to raise awareness for this, I have read a few other blogs that have experienced HELLP I had never heard of it. Spreading the word is a great cause. thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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