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How to encourage your child to eat healthy food… (pst ~ no bribery involved!)

on October 8, 2014

how to encourage your child to eat healthily blog

Like many parents, we encourage our little bear to eat ‘properly’ and have a healthy diet.  That is, not to be a fussy, faddy eater. but to eat her fruit and veg (with the odd treat thrown in – everything in moderation and all that.  And we can’t get away with cake ourselves otherwise!).

She’s a good eater but very predictable and always sticks with the same food on her plate.  When we entice her with something new it invariably ends up pushed to the side or on the table so as not to contaminate the other food on the plate!

One tea-time recently, we were tucking in and chatting away at the table.  Our bear said, “I’m super girl with super powers!” and promptly put her arm up in the air like a super hero!  Immediately, something clicked with me.  I gave hubby the ‘knowing’ look that tells him to play along…

“Oh well, super heroes need power food to keep their super powers!”

(Can you see where this is going?!)

“What food on your plate stats with the letter ‘puh’?” I asked.

And it went from there.  The result being that our bear was not only eating her peas and saying they were yummy but actually shovelling them onto her fork!!  Yes, really!  So now she knows that peas, potatoes and pasta are super power foods.

And I’m pleased to report that since she’s started school, our little bear is definitely getting more adventurous with her food.  She’s tucking into school dinners and reporting back that they’re, “yummy!”

She still doesn’t like the idea of this delicious, nutritious snack though… 😉



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6 responses to “How to encourage your child to eat healthy food… (pst ~ no bribery involved!)

  1. What a great post! I am all for getting kids to try things and trying out new things is fantastic! This sounds like a great idea…lets just hope it keeps working. If your kids are anything like mine they like to keep me on my toes…so something that worked last meal time is unlikely to work at the next one!!!

  2. Smart lady! This is a fun idea. I’ve noticed that Boo’s trying new things now, too, as she’s eating all of her dinner at school, and the learning seems to be making her ravenous!

  3. Jenny says:

    What a great idea I will keep that in mind. Buba is obsessed with vegetables but MM isn’t as keen. I will need all the tips to help. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

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