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Enter(pris)ing the rainbow loom craze! (How to make a rainbow loom bracelet)

on June 27, 2014


 (Above: our bear concentrating on making a loom bracelet!  It’s worth pointing out that we had been to a local Fun Day and she decided that she didn’t want her face painting but a butterfly on her hand instead…)

This week our little bear has been making rainbow loom bracelets.  You know those multi-coloured pieces of elastic?  You pop them on a loom, you hook over and hook over again.  Hey presto, a rainbow loom bracelet!

Her cousin showed her how to make a bracelet and kindly gave our bear some supplies to start her off.  Then Grandma kindly bought our bear a bracelet making kit, including loom!  Our bear was over the loom moon!

So, the bracelet making began in earnest.  She announced that she wanted to give bracelets to a few of her pre-school friends, some of her childminder friends and some to her playgroup friends from ‘back in the day’.

“They’re going to be presents,” she said.


(Above: Our bear talks you through how to make a loom bracelet)

When I told our bear that my friend at work would like her to make one for some pennies, our bear was very proud… and this made her think.

Her enterprising side kicked in…

She said she would make one for my work friend for 3p, one for me for 3p and anyone else who wanted one could give her 3p for one.

“Then I can buy more elastics!” she said.

…Rainbow loom bracelet anyone?!

We’ve got quite a few!…


My WordoftheWeek has simply got to be ‘enterprising’.

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24 responses to “Enter(pris)ing the rainbow loom craze! (How to make a rainbow loom bracelet)

  1. redpeffer says:

    Very enterprising! We have a lot of loom bands in our house, they are currently being deployed as decorations around the house by my daughter. i got her to show me how to make them the other day-I quite enjoyed it. I can see why they are so popular.

  2. I love how enterprising she is! Boo has one of these bracelets, but only because her cousin made it for her – we’ve not introduced her to the making world yet! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  3. Kim Carberry says:

    My girls are crazy about Loom bands…lol
    Very enterprising indeed…..Good on her 🙂 x

  4. Andie says:

    Bear is adorable! Thank you so much for this too. I’ve seen lots of excitement over Loom bands but I had no idea how they are made so thank you and Bear for showing me x

  5. Lucas James says:

    They’re all at it aren’t they! Petal just has bands at the moment, but I have a feeling some of her birthday money is going to end up going towards a loom – love the selling idea though – a mini moneymaker you have there! #WotW
    Take care

  6. My daughter is obsessed too. She’s moved on from bracelets onto all the other things you can make with them – snakes, birds, Minecraft creepers. There appears to be a YouTube video to guide you through whatever you might want to make!

  7. Amanda Walsh says:

    all the kids are going crazy for them arent they! Love the video 🙂 Popping by from #WotW Linky

  8. Oooh love it, not got into this craze yet as my daughter is only 3, but it looks as though she’s enjoying it and to make a few pennies too how exciting. I now know how it’s done too so thanks little bear 🙂

  9. That is so nice! Hard worker and business girl in the making! you must be very proud =) #wotw

  10. Very enteprising! Loom bands just seem to have suddenly appeared in our playground- they look quite good fun!

  11. sharonpowell82 says:

    Very enterprising! My older two have been making them too and tween is making money from them, charging 50p a bracelet 🙂

  12. Grace has been doing this too! And she made a video. She sells hers for about 8p I think – a bit above the going rate from what I can see. Thank you for linking to PoCoLo 🙂 x

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