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The future’s bright!

on May 17, 2014

word of the week bright

Around a month ago, we found out (with much relief!) that our little bear had been allocated a place at our first choice of school for her September start.  I rang the school up just after the Easter holidays to ask about settling in sessions because hubby and I would have to think about fitting them in around work.  With much relief (again!) we were told that reception start on full days and that we would be sent all the information in around 3 weeks.

Well, true to their word, this morning the postie delivered an envelope from our little bear’s school with all the information about a Parents’ Welcome Evening.  Along with several optional settling in ‘stay and play lunchtime sessions’.

Not only are we very impressed that they sent the information out at all, without the need to chase them up, but we are uber impressed with the general attitude of the staff on the phone (and also on the school tour we took) and that they did indeed send the information out in ‘around 3 weeks’.

The future looks bright…!

I think that it’s easy to see why my word of the week with The Reading Residence is ‘bright’!

Join in…

word of the week


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Thank you.

15 responses to “The future’s bright!

  1. tiasmum12 says:

    Wow sounds very promising! Good luck with everything 🙂

  2. … So pleased that this wonderful step has started so positively for you…
    How exciting!
    E 🙂

  3. We also got a letter from our son’s school and they are so nice in there too! Same reason why we chose that school! I can so relate to your #wotw

  4. Le Coin de Mel says:

    You are so lucky you got your first choice for Little Bear and everything is working out just the way you wanted it! They grow up so quickly, don’t they? Mel#WotW

  5. Fiona Chick says:

    Congratulations on getting your school of choice. I’m dreading this when it is our turn, as I’m certain we will not get our chosen school. Delighted that the future is looking so bright – fabulous news for you! (o:

  6. That does sound good, and ‘bright’! We, too, had our invite to a meeting and details of Boo’s settling in sessions this week. All’s looking good here, too – phew! Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Yay! Is Boo starting on full days Jocelyn? Our little bear starts on full days, which we’re very happy about because of juggling work etc but to be honest, I think it’s the best way, particularly with the free pre-school sessions. At least they’re already used to being out of the home.

  7. Mummy Says says:

    How exciting! Glad the process of starting school has been stress free. Sounds like the staff are wonderful – yay! X

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