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My bookcase, my nook…

on April 16, 2014

Share with me bookcase

My Bookcase, My Nook…

It might look like a bookcase at first glance,

Donated by Grandma for this corner of the house.

But look closer… is it… a fairy by any chance?

Yes it is!  But shhhh, be quiet, quiet as a mouse.


The fairies wings glisten and sparkle in the sunshine,

No surface is left untouched by her flutter

As she leaves a trail of magic glitter that intertwines.

You will hear a grown-up, my Mummy, mumble and mutter.


Mummy calls it housework as she cleans up the ‘murk’.

She can’t see it though, this fairy now perched on a book,

But I know that it’s magic, it’s imagination at work.

You see, it’s full of adventure, it’s my corner, my nook.


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24 responses to “My bookcase, my nook…

  1. Mumaleary says:

    How lovely! My babies have a nook too- absolutely fantastic for reading and developing a wild, crazy imagination. I absolutely love to hear their little stories to each other.

  2. Jenny says:

    Ahhh I love this. So sweet I would have loved an area like this growing up too. Thanks so much for linking to Share With Me week 11. And for the continual blog support and love. Means a lot. I get discouraged sometimes but people coming back time and time again make me feel so grateful! Thanks #sharewithme

    • Ah thanks Jenny! I enjoyed writing it. Don’t ever be discouraged (although I now you will be again – happens to us all I reckon), you’ve got a lovely blog, a great linkys and wonderful loyal followers 🙂

      • Jenny says:

        Thanks so true the highs and lows of blogging, I could write a whole post about it. I actually just might or a poem or two. hahaah

  3. Ah, so lovely. It is full of adventure and magic. Funnily enough, I’ve posted today on a reading nook we’ve just made for Boo 🙂

  4. ahh so sweet and nice little post x

  5. A nice space to nurture a young mind =) #sharewithme

  6. Great imagination. That’s the thing about having children around, you start to think in that way again. It almost gives us a second childhood too…if only I had the energy to fully embrace it! #sharewithme

  7. well written piece, lovely bit of reading 🙂 … now I just need my own nook!

    Popped over for #sharewithme, would love if you came and said hi back @ xx

  8. wrymummy says:

    What a lovely little corner for your daughter, great to encourage reading at times and in places other than bedtime stories. Like the poetic form too. x #sharewithme

  9. Love this! I really want to create a space like this for the boys x #ShareWithMe

  10. lesleycarter says:

    Beautiful! I wish we could all see things like this 🙂

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