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Ready (and waiting)…

on April 11, 2014

word of the week ready

There are many, many memorable moments in parenting.  If I had to choose one though, this very week would be one of them.

I’ve had the week off work and have spent a little more time with our little bear than usual.

As her mummy, I see her everyday, can tell you everything about her – likes, dislikes – everything!  That makes me proud.

What I find amazing is that our little ones can literally change over night.  Literally.  It’s sometimes as if a switch goes on in their brains, like the jigsaw piece slots into place.

This week, that jigsaw piece has shown me just how grown-up our little bear really is now.  I can’t even put it into precise words (ironic as this is a post for Word of the Week…).

Okay, I really need to pinpoint a word to describe how our little bear has matured seemingly overnight.  How she has matured in every way.  How she is questioning in a different way.  How she is ready to give her baby toys to the Easter bunny.  How she is going to school in September.  How she is ‘ready’ for that next massive step, that next leap…

How I am too.

We are ‘ready’ and waiting!…

 …and that’s why my #WordoftheWeek with The Reading Residence is ‘ready’.

Join in…



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Thank you.


21 responses to “Ready (and waiting)…

  1. Great word… It’s love when you can spend quality time with them 🙂 x

  2. How exciting. I know just what you mean-especially after a holiday my children just seem to grow and develop before my eyes.

  3. It is so nice to be able to spend more time with your children when you are a working mum. I t amazes me exactly how much you can miss when they are young #WotW

  4. lifeatthelittlewood says:

    My tiniest one is for school in September too. It’s heartbreaking!! But you listen to them chatter and play and you realise just how ready they really are for it, don’t you? A lovely word, and a lovely post! #wotw

  5. Same here in the household. Son is changing so much. A lot. I can hadrly keep up =P #wotw

  6. How lovely that you had the week off to see his switch in her, too, and relish every moment! My Boo is ready for September, too – we find out which school she’ll be at next week, so fingers crossed it’s the one we want! Not sure that I’m with you yet and am ready, but I guess I’ll have to be! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  7. It’s amazing how quick they change isn’t it? Yet it always seems that the kids are ready for it before we are! #WotW

  8. What you’ve said is so true. Sometimes my girl just says the most amazing words and I have no clue where she has got them from? It’s crazy how they grow isn’t it? xxx

  9. Yep, we’re all ready for September with JJ too. He’ll definitely be ready for it as he turns five on September 7th. And yes, so many developmental leaps but at the same time still some babyishness and a few meltdowns! #WotW

  10. Le Coin de Mel says:

    Isn’t it amazing when you see them everyday and know them so well and from time to time, you have to have some sort of double-take as you realise they have grown, they have actually grown and now that you are looking properly, you can see it! Well done little bear, for being ready! Mel

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