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That was unexpected…

on April 2, 2014

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It was such a beautiful day that we had a short walk to one of the local recs.  There was only 1 other child (and adult) there at first, so our little bear had the run of the play area.  Then a few more turned up so the roundabout/slide/fireman’s pole had to be shared.  This wasn’t a problem as our little bear is actually very good at sharing now (generally…!)

One little girl in particular took a shine to our little bear.  They went on the roundabout together, then ran to the swings together, then the fireman’s pole.  You get the idea!

You know as a parent at the park when your little one’s ‘click’ with another child?  That moment when they happily play together and you’re standing there (or sitting) like a lemon with their parent?  Well it’s moments like this when I resist the temptation to use my phone (twitter/facebook) as a safety net.

This was one of those occasions.  We made small talk – I asked how old their little girl was and vice versa.  We both commented that it was nice to get some fresh air.  Somewhere in there ‘she’ mentioned that her little one goes to the childminder and I said our little bear did too.

Our 2 little ones had a ball playing with each other.  When we both took short phone calls, we each helped the others child down the fireman’s pole.  Then they had to leave and ‘she’ asked me if our little bear was called ‘her name’ because their child had wanted to say goodbye to our little bear.  It was then that it dawned on us…  Both our little ones go to the same childminder!  We hear so much about their little girl and she is so sweet in ‘real life’!  5 minutes later, we learnt that we live close to each other and exchanged phone numbers for holiday/weekend play dates.

Our little bear had met her little friend and I had made a new one.  That was unexpected…


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14 responses to “That was unexpected…

  1. Jenny says:

    I love the unexpected. It’s amazing when it happens! What a small world it really is. This is great. Can’t believe the kids go to the same childminder. That’s funny. Glad you lived close and made a friend too! Thanks for joining in Share With Me linky again my lovely. I love reading your posts each week. They are great!!! #sharewithme

  2. I love meeting people that you instantly get on with or have something in common with – brightens up a day at the park no end #sharewithme x

  3. I was wishing that Ive met someone who is going to be my friend in here but no luck but my im still hoping it will come one day cuz of your story =) a great one. #sharewithme

  4. It is lovely when something like this happens, a new friend for both of you x

  5. That’s so mad! It’s a small world! It’s good to be ‘open’ to new friendships too as when we get older it’s easy to think we don’t need any more friends but you could meet someone fabulous at any age 🙂 Lovely post x

  6. krissottoh says:

    I would imagine it was also quite reassuring as you now know little bear really has a lovely little friend at the child minders. What a lovely unexpected chance encounter!

  7. It is such a small world isn’t it! What a lovely surprise for your daughter and you! A wonderful unexpected moment 🙂 Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

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