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Meet ‘the animal friends’

on March 25, 2014

animals theme game

Picture source: Etsy via Pinterest

We have our very own version of CBeebies ’64 Zoo Lane’ next door to us…

There’s a lion, a tiger, a meerkat, a monkey (several actually – of the cheeky variety!), many other animals and of course, a bear.  They are our little bear’s friends at the childminder’s.

Our little bear’s friends are affectionately referred to in our house as her ‘animal friends’.  This came about just before she started going to our lovely childminder, and before the wire garden fence was replaced with a sturdy wooden one.  It was a sunny day and we were enjoying the last days of my maternity leave.  Daddy Bear had come home from work earlier than normal and had joined myself and our little bear in the garden.  We had an audience which had intrigued our little bear.  There were around 5 little people all standing on the other side of the fence, aged up to around 4 years old.  One of them was chatting away to us and Daddy Bear joked to me, “don’t feed the animals!”.  And there it stuck ~ the animal friends!

She has lots of friends does our little bear.  The ones at the childminder’s and also at pre-school.  We are always hearing stories of her little friends and it’s a delight to chat to her about them.  I hope that our little bear continues to thrive socially.  Just last week she was made ‘Star of the Week’ at pre-school for ‘supporting her peers and helping to resolve issues’.  Proud?  Just a little…


I’m linking up with #TheThemeGame of ‘animals’ at The Reading Residence and Redpeffer with this post.

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16 responses to “Meet ‘the animal friends’

  1. Abby Boid says:

    I can’t think of any reason for being a ‘star of the week’ that would make me more proud. Our eldest is having a little trouble with a bigger boy in his class. Fortunately, he has friends who sound very much like your daughter – so little, but already so aware of how to support their peers.

  2. Oh how lovely, she sounds wonderful. And I love the idea of the animals next door-so sweet. Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  3. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) says:

    Ah that’s lovely and how great to go to a childminders just next door 🙂 #thethemegame

  4. What a lovely story, and a nice take on ‘animals’ too #TheThemeGame

  5. Star of the week! Amaze! That kind of thing makes me proper weep that does. The girl once for a certificate for pooing on a toilet. It’s still up now! Ha ha ha #thethemegame xxx

  6. How very convenient to have a childminder living right next door!! EJ is about to be moved from a Nursery to a childminder so I hope he gets on OK. I’m sure it must be quite different in many ways but I like the fact that they are more likely to go different places and do more of a variety of stuff with a childminder whilst nursery is very static…

    • I’m sure EJ will get on absolutely fine. Our bear goes to pre-school for her 15 hours too. We thought it would be good for her to get used to longer days out of the house, ready for school days. Besides, she was ready and needs the stimulation that she’s used to. She went to the park with the childminder just yesterday, in fact!

  7. Mel says:

    What a cute story… and how lucky to have your childminder next door! Mel #TheThemeGame

  8. Ah, this is very sweet! I can see how it’s emerged and love that the nicknames have stuck 🙂 And well find to Little Bear in star of the week, too! Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

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