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on March 18, 2014


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I had left it to the last minute to wrap a birthday present for our little bear’s friend.  It was a pirate/princess theme party and I knew for certain that we had nothing along those lines in our wrapping paper ‘booty’.  In fact, following ‘birthday party season’ just before Christmas, I knew that we had depleted the whole stash.  There was nothing left.  The booty was gone…

What now?  How about wrapping the thankfully smallish jigsaw box in one of our bear’s paintings?  It was creative.  It would be a nice gesture… until I considered the potential for the birthday boy to rip open his present at the party and not at home.  That would certainly bring tears from our little bear!  She gets possessive about who has her paintings/drawings and where they’re ‘hung’.  So no, that would never do.

A-ha!  I remembered.  We had a roll of very girly stripey age non-specific wrapping paper buried in the bottom of our wardrobe.  Buried so deep it had been forgotten.  Until now.  I could turned it ‘inside out’, so to speak.  But wait.  We also had a slightly crumpled remnant of ‘The Simpsons’ Christmas paper too.  Hubby had bought it.  I couldn’t stand it!  There looked to be just enough.  Well, it would use it up!  And use it up we did… ‘inside out’.  The birthday boy had his jigsaw presented in back-to-front Simpsons wrapping paper.  He wouldn’t know until he ripped the paper and saw the other side!  If indeed he would see the other side amid the present unwrapping frenzy!  I did confess to my very good friend, his Mum.  She of course saw the funny side!

What wrapping paper disasters have you had?


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12 responses to “Doh!

  1. I often find myself cutting the paper just a bit too small – its so exasperating! I just cut off another strip and do a bit of patching though! It does make it much more difficult to open when there’s that much sellotape on there…

  2. Abby Boid says:

    Gaffer tape. Enough said.

  3. Oh Mummybear! I completely sympathise. My daughter is 10 years old and almost every time she has been invited to a birthday party over the years, I’m always the mum who never had appropriate wrapping paper. In these circumstances (which is more often than not), I would either buy expensive wrap or end up with my most favourite choice of all time, gift bags! Having a baby last January, I had heaps of them to recycle however, only girly ones. Now I’m just waiting for some of my friends to pop out a few baby girls as the remainder of bags literally say ‘Baby Girl’. What a dilemma haha.

  4. Ha ha! I’ve had none, of course, as I always have loads in because I sell it! Glad you found something that worked 😉 Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

  5. redpeffer says:

    Excellent! I too have a stash and try to keep it gender and age neutral for the very reasons you write about-I’d be totally stumbled if we had none in the house! Great post, thanks girl sharing with #TheThemeGame

  6. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM) says:

    Haha love it, we have those kind of wrapping paper dilemmas all the time! At the moment our stash of paper and gift bags (I never throw ones given to us) is high but the next few months are full of birthdays so they will soon be depleted!! 🙂 #thethemegame

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