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on March 14, 2014

note on a cork board

“Pass the bowl, oh Mummy Bear

I’m going to be sick”,

said our little bear to me one night,

the poor lamb was tom and dick.


Okay, so not a direct quote,

for our bear is not yet five.

You get the picture though,

bowl in hand as I duck and dive.


What a nasty time when our poor lambs are weak

as the yucky bugs take hold.

They just want their mums, they just want a cuddle,

as we shepherd them into the fold.


The extra washing, even less sleep,

the bugs they play merry hell.

But truth be told, we do not care,

we just want our lambs fit and well.


By Mummy Bear x


This is my ode to my #WordoftheWeek with The Reading Residence which is ‘shepherd’

blog pics word of the week


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 Thank you.


32 responses to “Shepherd

  1. This is a great post! Hope little bear is well soon x #WotW

  2. Amy Squires says:

    Aww bless my little one had a nasty tummy bug just a few weeks ago. it’s just awful!

  3. Leanne ( says:

    What a lovely poem… I hope your little Lamb gets well soon 🙂 #WOTW

  4. Kim Carberry says:

    Aww! Hope everyone is better soon x

  5. We certainly do want our lambs fit, well and in tip top condition. x

  6. mummytries says:

    Love this poem, you talented lady! Very true, even if we walk around with matchsticks keeping the eyes open, we just want them well again. Hope little bear is on the mend real soon #WotW

  7. Oh bless bear. I do hate it when mine are sick, especially vomiting bugs as it take so much out of them, and yes the washing! Lovely poem, and hope all’s well soon x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  8. So true! Nothing worse than seeing them suffer, even if it is a great excuse for lots of extra cuddles. Hope all is well now!

  9. Get well soon Little Bear – I’d like to be reading a happy poem!

  10. krissottoh says:

    Just went through exact same scenario two days ago. This Mummy Bear now needs to catch up sleep! #wotw

  11. Helen says:

    That made me smile – though I’m sure you werent smiling at the time! Poor little bear – hope all recovered now.

  12. lisaslife1970 says:

    Brilliant. The poem, not the inspiration! 🙂 #WOTW

  13. Le Coin de Mel says:

    Oh no! Hoping your little bear gets better soon. Mel #WotW

  14. Mummy Says says:

    oh poor little one. a lovely poem but i hope he is better soon x

  15. Aww..this is that time when a lot of kids get sick. Mine is sick too =(

    Hopefully hell get better soon =)


  16. vicky says:

    Aww I’m dreading Lil Dude’s first sickness bout. Hope he is better now x
    Vicky x

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