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Share with me…

on March 13, 2014

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I am Mummy Bear.


I’m a mum, wife and me!


I work.


I run a house with my hubby.


I meditate with crystals every day it all possible to keep balanced.  I highly recommend it.


I am on twitter and facebook.


I pin too much.


I read when I can…


I run two blogs (my alter ego is VirtuallyAllSorts), which involves writing content 6+ times a week.  I follow, I like, I comment on lots of them… because I love them!  I actively take part in 4 linkys.


This is me.  Who are you?


I’ve linked up with Let’s Talk Mommy Share With Me for this post.



Read my emotional and inspiring true story ‘Diary of a Complicated Pregnancy’. Available now through my website at Virtually All Sorts. 50% of sales to the charity Action on Pre-Eclampsia. …and visit my facebook page or follow me on twitter @ComplicatedPreg

Also available – my indispensable guide to avoiding Working Mum Guilt’. Whether you are about to return or have already started back, this book offers practical solutions and feedback from real Mums with real families in real situations. Covering topics such as Post Natal Depression, childcare options, yours and your child’s development and time management – Ditch the guilt today! … and visit my facebook page or follow me on twitter @WorkingMumGuilt

Thank you.


5 responses to “Share with me…

  1. Jenny says:

    What a great way to introduce yourself and your great blog (both of them) Wow you must be so busy running all that and a family, house etc. Super woman. So glad you linked up to Share With Me. I love getting to know other bloggers and blogs, as I am so very new. So great to meet you and hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

  2. You sound super busy. I am new to blogging and I can just about keep up with one never mind 2! I also like to write and have a posted a few things up on my blog too. #sharewithme

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