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Prompted to be in reflective mood…

on March 12, 2014


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There is so much to reflect on when our little ones grow up so fast, in front of our very own eyes.


As they become more and more articulate, as they hold their own full-flung conversations, as they continue to push those boundaries and learn to stand their ground!


It could be a sad time, seeing your little one grow up, but I prefer to reflect on those times with pure happiness.  With gratitude.  With the sincere feeling of being blessed with the feeling of having created another human being, another life who is part of you, part of their daddy and, perhaps more importantly, part of themselves.


A time of reflection should be an opportunity to celebrate what someone or something has become, and therefore also a time to look forward with anticipation at what lays ahead.


Positively exciting!


I’ve linked up with #ThePrompt for this post.


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Thank you.


2 responses to “Prompted to be in reflective mood…

  1. Love this. Reflection as celebration and a time to look forward; such a positive take on the act of reflection. Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

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