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Yellow here, yellow there, yellow everywhere…

on March 4, 2014

yellow theme game mbb

The first time I saw this picture was around a week after giving birth to our little bear.  I didn’t take a great deal of notice that first time to be honest, in between feeds and the general care of a newborn bear.


Fast forward a few months and I looked at it again.  This time with hubby

“Wow, didn’t I look yellow?!” I said to hubby.

Some may not see the yellow, particularly against the hospital gown but I could see it.

The yellow was the mild jaundice that I had just one day into parenthood.  It was my liver beginning to give up on me because of HELLP syndrome.  (Find out more about HELLPS at the end of this blog).


I was not as jaundice as some mums who experience the condition but I was still not a very healthy colour.  Put mildly, my body, especially my liver had taken a huge battering over the past 24 hours.


You will forgive me for looking more than a little weather-worn and ‘out of it’, because I had not long had a platelet transfusion, an emergency c-section and welcomed our little bear into the world, with hubby waiting in the next room, having not had time to scrub up.


Others may not see it, but again I do.  I see the slight tinge of yellow in our little bear’s skin too.  We were advised to leave her by the window, to get some daylight and to leave no more than 4 hours between feeds, to encourage the blood cells to break down I believe.


Gradually, she lost her shade of yellow.  Thankfully she was perfectly healthy apart from the jaundice.  We didn’t go outside the hospital for 3 days.  Me having had a section couldn’t push her along in her crib outside of visiting times.  Understandably the amazing staff were too busy for this, and when hubby, my rock, visited, I think we were all to shell-shocked to consider it to be honest.


So yes, my liver nearly gave up on me, on our little bear, on my hubby, on our bear’s daddy.


But it didn’t.


My blood pressure was controlled by meds, my liver enzymes leveled out.  We were allowed home for good a week later.  It was time for a celebration.  But I still didn’t raise a glass because HELLP syndrome is a potentially very dangerous pregnancy condition.  Find out how you can ‘hellp’…

I’m linking up my ‘yellow’ post with #TheThemeGame at The Reading Residence and Redpeffer.  Looking for something new to do?  Join in!




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13 responses to “Yellow here, yellow there, yellow everywhere…

  1. It’s a lovely photo, and little bear looks so content there. Scary times then, so glad that you’re all OK and back to your normal hues now! Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

  2. Goodness me, how stressful. I too have had the yellow look, but I was still pregnant at the time and ended up having a stent fitted. I think I rather scared everyone with that episode, myself included! Thank you so much for sharing your story with #TheThemeGame

  3. Mummy Says says:

    A really important post. Well done for continuing to raise awareness about HELLP. I had it to and hadn’t even heard of it until I was hurriedly admitted to hospital x

    • Thanks Kiran and snap, I had never heard of HELLP either. Probably just as well because I didn’t realise just how ill I truly was until a few weeks later and hubby brought me down to earth… Awareness is vital as we know.

  4. Alice Megan says:

    Such a beautiful moment and you can look back at this picture and see bear being born and see how much you’ve both come through to get to today

  5. Woah – what a rough time you had and how well you pulled through! Your body is put through so much when pregnant, it is no wonder that sometimes it gives up on us.

  6. I’m always so stunned to read what kind of things people go through in pregnancy. But as you say, the end result is worth it. I was given all sorts of potential disasters to contemplate being technically a ‘geriatric mother’ (thanks very much whoever thought up that terminology!!) but I was very lucky and had two very healthy pregnancies and natural births. I hope this is all just a distant memory for you now. X

  7. Mel says:

    Oh dear… you do not look that yellow on that photo and your little bear looks so content and peaceful! x Mel #TheThemeGame

    • Yes, thankfully our little bear has always been a content baby and now a content little girl. So grateful that she didn’t know what was going on and blissfully slept through it all, for the most party as only newborns do anyway!

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