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Past, present, future

on February 26, 2014

holiday theme game 2

Picture source: via Pinterest

We’re very lucky.  My lovely Mum, our little bear’s Grandma, looks after her on a Friday afternoon.  But while Grandma is on a holiday of a lifetime with Pop, Mummy Bear (that’s me, in case you hadn’t cottoned on!) and Daddy Bear (that’s hubby!) have been juggling the Friday afternoons between us without dropping any balls (metaphorically speaking…)


These holidays from work have taken me back to my maternity leave days.  It’s been absolute bliss to have no clock-watching.  Absolute bliss to totally enjoy our little bear on these holiday Fridays.  Absolute bliss to be able to keep a sense of me by working, for her to keep a sense of her by having time with her peers and family; yet to come together to enjoy each other.  We’ve even had a chance to catch up with friends that we made at playgroup when both our girls were barely sitting unsupported.


Okay, so last week when we met up there were a couple of ‘meltdown moments’ from both sides (the girls, not parents!) that involved not having 2 of the same pink princess dress and dressing up shoes!…


These moments aside, it was so nice to catch up with our friends  It makes you realise that as 2 mummys, as parents, you’re doing okay between you.


These Friday afternoons are ones I have cherished, as I look ‘forward’ – in both senses of the word – to our Summer holidays.  We will have 2 weeks off together.  We will be going to some of the playgroups we started out at when our little bear was a few months old.  We will be seeing some of the same lovely staff (who in the weaning days have seen me with dried rusk in my hair that I have missed after breakfast…).  We will be doing all of this just a few weeks before our little bear starts school.  (And that’ll be another blog post entirely!)


So, excuse me in my moment of reflection while I cherish the memories of these holidays past, present and future.


I’m linking up with #TheThemeGame at The Reading Residence and Redpeffer for this blog post.

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8 responses to “Past, present, future

  1. Ah, this is so lovely. The time does go so quickly, too, doesn’t it? Boo will be starting school in Sep, and I’m quite sure she was only just born! Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame x

  2. Oh yes, cherish those moments as once they start school it does change. Not that it’s a bad thing, just different. But it’s the start of them finding their own way a little at a time. Thank you for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  3. How lovely to have such a special friend and support who realises exactly what you’re going through at this stage of motherhood. Make the most of that holiday before school days begin 😉 xx

  4. This is a different take on the ‘holiday’ theme – a holiday from work! I am lucky that I don’t work Fridays and we meet up every Friday afternoon with our NCTfriends of over four years. It is all going to change in September though when JJ starts big school – quite a weird thought… #TheThemeGame

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