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Pink is for girls… And why we stayed neutral

on February 23, 2014


Picture source: Silver Cross via Pinterest

So it seems that pink really is for girls and blue is indeed for boys.  When we went shopping for ur travel system back in the day, we didn’t know the sex of our baby.  We looked a the price tag for the pink and blue ones (travel systems, not babies!) and we’re gob smacked when we realised that the neutral coloured one was far more expensive than the gender-specific ones.  (Disclaimer – the pictured pram was not  the brand I’m referring to here…)


Needless to say, we opted for the the blue one, thinking we could put a girl in blue but not vice versa! There is irony in that in itself…


Did you have a similar experience?

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11 responses to “Pink is for girls… And why we stayed neutral

  1. Abby Boid says:

    How utterly bizarre that the colour neutral one is more expensive. Fortunately i don’t really like pink or blue as much as reds and greens so we had those coloured baby things – not sure what i would have done, though, if those coloured things had been costly.

  2. It’s interesting isn’t it that the neutral would be more, almost forcing us to ‘gender’ our decision, and that we feel more comfortable with a girl in blue than a boy in pink… Despite our best intentions! Thought provoking! Thanks so much for linking up with #ThePrompt x

  3. Isn’t it mad? We bought pretty neutral for our son, but our girl has often been called a boy because she’s wearing primary coloured hand-me-down clothes. Having to pay more for neutral baby stuff is unbelievable!

  4. redpeffer says:

    The whole gender stereotyping thing really, really annoys me! I have a girl who is a Tom Boy and prefers anything but pink and sparkly so finding neutral but bright colours for her is hard. And my son likes pink and I don’t see why he shouldn’t but I bet that he changes his mind later as he’s exposed to wider ‘influences’.

  5. It’s funny how we put girls in all the colours, and boys’ clothes are only in certain colours. #theprompt

  6. Mummy Says says:

    My eldest is a boy and second is a girl. We dress her in a lot of his hand me downs and whenever she is in neutral colours, greens, greys, browns, – people always think she is a boy! It’s an assumption that is made because she isn’t wearing pink. Drives me mad! x

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