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A Fussy Faddy Journey…

on February 18, 2014

cake theme game

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A Fussy Faddy Journey…
One gone, two gone, three gone, four…
Five gone, six gone, seven gone, more!
More? Are you sure? Really?
Yes, and its not veg disguised as cake…well, very nearly!
She’s always eaten well has our little one
And we try to encourage by making meal-times fun.
But you might describe her food as ‘unadventurous’
Because she won’t eat greens for anyone, especially not us.
Yet recently our eyebrows were raised somewhat,
With the question, “Mum…Dad…is that carrot hot?”
Trying not to choke with surprise on our chicken casserole,
Our faddy food journey has reached a turning point, a goal.
On her plate each night, the veggies have been jostling for room,
I could name them all with ease, thanks to Mr Bloom.
So here’s a message for stressed out mummys,
Don’t worry if they won’t have veggies in their tummys.
They may change their mind one day… when? It matters not one jot
But when they do, make sure their greens are not hot!

Last week I said ‘Let’s not raise a glass’ for my take on #TheThemeGame.  And so this week’s theme is ‘cake’ and I will give you a run for your money with my foody rhyme 😉 I’m linking up with this week’s #TheThemeGame ‘cake’.  Looking for something new to do?  Join in at The Reading Residence and Redpeffer !



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Thank you.

17 responses to “A Fussy Faddy Journey…

  1. Love it! I will be equally amazed and joyful if my daughter ever asks for a vegetable to eat. She’s 7 and it hasn’t happened yet! But I live in hope 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  2. Love it, we have no problem with veg in general, but potatoes! The only potatoes Monkey will eat are chips, but not chips I’ve made! We rarely ever have chips, and every day I put a little bit of potato/mash/wedges etc on his plate – every day it’s refused #TheThemeGame

  3. I love that poem. My boy is the ultimate fussy eater so it is good to be reminded that it eventually passes. xxx

  4. Mine eat carrots and the odd piece of sweetcorn (if forced)! Salad is a massive no no! Maybe they’ll try something else eventually. My nieces were the same mind you and now in their teens they eat really well. #TheThemeGame

  5. Mel says:

    A rhyming poem about eating veg… how cute! Lovely to read, Mel #TheThemeGame

  6. Mummy Says says:

    I’m on of those stressed out mummies – so thanks for the tip! x

  7. Lovely poem! My kids do ear veg, love fruit, but will not touch salad! I’m not bothered, though, as 2 out of 3 ain’t bad! Thanks for joining in with #TheThemeGame x

  8. Lovely poem! I don’t like some veg (carrots especially!) but I can now eat them without a grimace in an effort to encourage my son!

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