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‘New’ ~ fresh eyes

on January 22, 2014

new themegame 22 jan 2014

Picture source: via Pinterest

So, I sat down to look for a photo on the computer to email to my friend.  It wasn’t going to take long… except I got totally, indulgently, lovingly distracted by pictures of our tiny, teeny, weeny little bear as a newborn.  All 6lb 2 oz of her at 37+1 weeks.

There she was.  Our beautiful, fragile, amazing little bear being weighted in her birthday suit seconds old.  More pictures at minutes old, hours old, days old, weeks old, months old… a few years old.  Most certainly not ‘newborn’ any more.

And so with the theme of ‘new’ running through this blog, I’m linking up with #TheThemeGame at The Reading Residence and Redpeffer.  Looking for something ‘new’ to do?  Join in!


On with my blog…

It’s incredible that theses amazing little balls of energy that we call our babies, our children, are always doing and learning something new.  All those milestones that you try to capture, that you try so hard not to forget or skim over at the time.  It never really stops though, does it?

Even as an adult, I often learn new things, be it knowledge or practical skills.  A lot of these things re actually learnt from spending quality time with our little bear, from watching her, from listening to her, from talking to her.

The questions she throws at me, in all their probing innocence really do make me thing.  A more recent one was, “Mummy, when I’m 5, will I still have hands?”  Instead of saying, “of course you will,” I simply said, “yes, you will.”  After all, it’s a perfectly reasonable thing for a small child to ask.

Being a parent means learning new things every day, whether it’s about yourself or your child, whether it’s learning to be flexible, budgeting, learning that each child is different and does things differently, or simply that every parent is different.

Children make you look at the world around you with a fresh pair of eyes.  There’s something new to be celebrated every day!


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Thank you.


10 responses to “‘New’ ~ fresh eyes

  1. I do love that question! I often wonder what goes on in my children’s minds to get them to come out with such questions, and as you say, it’s wonderful to see the world through their eyes. Thanks for joining in with #TheThemeGame x

    • I love that you can see them ‘thinking’ in their eyes. Thinking so earnestly and deeply. It’s quite fascinating! …until you don’t know the answer and you’re tempted with, “just because!” 😉

  2. That’s lovely, you do get fresh eyes with children x ~TheThemeGame

  3. Love it, I totally agree with you too. Thank you for sharing with #TheThemeGame

  4. I love the questions they ask us, would be wonderful to know what goes on in their minds at time.

  5. Mel says:

    Your little one is so sweet! I just love children’s quirky little sentences and questions and have a little notebook for each one of my little ones. Going through them and remembering the time they said it and the look on their cute faces makes me laugh so much it can bring me to tears. Mel

  6. I love the questions children ask. Can’t wait to gain that window into my little ones inner life! Although I imagine it might be wearing sometimes!

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