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Water ~ sink or swim

on January 14, 2014



Picture source: via Pinterest

Fancy having some fun and discovering some new fab blogs? Then join in with #TheThemeGame over at The Reading Residence. This week’s theme is ‘water’…


Water ~ sink or swim


It’s that time of year again, it rolls around so soon.

It’s not Christmas or Easter or the cycle of the moon.


You see, the boiler needs a service to keep us safe and warm

or it will be condemned and be declared ‘boiler’ SORN.


So the plumber’s been, Billy boiler’s happy,

he strikes up into action, what a helpful chappy!


We leave the house, toys everywhere, quite simply, it’s a tip…

A few hours later we return to hear… drip, drip, drip…


Mouths open wide, we stand and stare, the kitchen floor’s a lake,

just what we didn’t need at tea time, for goodness’ sake.


Hubby grabs the phone, me the towels, how to amuse our little bear?

TV dinner of fish fingers and beans. Well, there’s water everywhere…


Long story short, hubby rings the so-called Mr Plumber,

you’ll find him on a google search under ‘dumb and dumber


…but there’s no reply, so a few phone calls later and he speaks to another guy,

and thanks to this man who has a plan, once again we’re warm and dry!


by Mummy Bear


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12 responses to “Water ~ sink or swim

  1. Glad the boilers sorted 🙂 Not the sort of ‘water, water everywhere’ that you want at all! #TheThemeGame

  2. I’m glad you’re now warm and dry #TheThemeGame

  3. Oh no, hate things like this! Our boiler exploded a couple of winters ago – just what you need with little ones, too. Glad you’re warm and dry again 🙂 Thanks for joining in with #TheThemeGame x

  4. Ooh, that doesn’t sound too good. We’re getting a new boiler put in next week so I hope our plumber knows what he’s doing! Thanks for lining up with #TheThemeGame

  5. lisaslife1970 says:

    As the ‘mummy’ of a very temperamental boiler I do identify with this poem! 🙂 Finding a reliable plumber has been a nightmare!

  6. Oh no boiler issues! Pleased to hear it turned out well in the end

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