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What’s to be gained from chucking out the chintz? #WotW

on January 4, 2014

blog pic organised Picture source: via Pinterest

This is not a ‘scheduled’ post for MummyBearsBlog but hey, I like the idea of The Reading Residence’s  ‘Word of the Week’ so much that you will often be seeing more ‘unscheduled’ posts in the future.   This post is, in fact, my ‘Literally Speaking’ post from my VirtuallyAllSorts blog from this week… you can blame my clear-out!  This week’s Word of the Week is ‘organised’.

blog pics word of the week

“Enough’s enough,” I said out loud to myself.

Every time I tried to close a cupboard door, it sprang back open because of a rogue lead uncoiling into the door hinge…

There was only one thing for it – chuck out the chintz!

There was to be no reminiscing, I told myself.  There was to be no stalling.  There was to be no ‘stone’ left unturned.  There was to be nothing ‘useless’ left in the cupboard afterwards.

One hour later and the contents of said cupboard were on the floor instead.  Well, it was a start.

I had a ‘rubbish’ pile, a ‘keep in cupboard’ pile, a ‘file’ pile.

The reminiscing rule worked until I got to a box of ‘old’ photos and some old school work.  Wouldn’t you say that’s excusable though?

In that cupboard I found a ‘good luck’ card from my old sixth form tutor, too many years ago to be specific.  Her wording was very sincere and very accurate.  It read:

“Dear Carol.  Every good wish for the forthcoming examinations and your future happiness.  With your perception and insight you will achieve lofty heights.  With love, Elizabeth”

I will once again hold that card dear to my heart because she was a fantastic teacher and an inspiration.

A buoyant, sincere, very often no-holds-barred lady, she encouraged me, inspired me and believed in me.  She encouraged me to be me.

The picture is the very same one on the front of the postcard that she gave me.  An image from inside St. Paul’s Cathedral, London.

What useful, long-forgotten items have you found when clearing out?


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Thank you.


4 responses to “What’s to be gained from chucking out the chintz? #WotW

  1. An excellent #WotW choice! It does feel good to de-clutter, but yes, you’d be totally excused for holding on to photos and a card as lovely as that. Thanks for joining in with #WotW x

  2. Mummy Says says:

    How lovely to find that card. There are some things you just can’t throw away x

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