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So what do you think to CBeebies ‘Topsy and Tim’?

on December 22, 2013

blog pic topsy and tim

Let’s face it, ‘Topsy and Tim’ on CBeebies isn’t very realistic really is it?  Now, don’t misunderstand me here. I know that it’s an adaptation of the popular books.  But I had high hopes for the children’s TV series, because I was a huge Topsy and Tim fan in my childhood.  And I do enjoy watching the new series.  In fact it’s one of my current favourites, but the truth is that us parents need to relate!

Yes, the twins are cute and quaint but first up, we’ve never seen anything close to a meltdown from either the twins or parents.  The closest we have come was when Tony Welch and Vinda came to play and a catastrophe was in the midst.  But pizza came to the rescue.  And they all lived happily ever after.  We’ve also seen milk get spilt on ‘King twin Tim’.  Tim threw a bit of a strop and Topsy’s bottom lip wobbled.  But big deal and no, I’m sorry, I don’t buy that!  The actors are great and granted, ‘mummy’ doesn’t get to drink any tea, never mind a hot cuppa, or sit down.  But just once (or maybe twice!), I’d like to see how she deals with a full on tantrum.  Or two.  At the same time.  Wicked aren’t I?!

It was interesting to read what one of the creators Jean Adamson thought about it.  Read it yourself here.  What do you think?


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